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“Qmerce proves its strength as a solid marketing and engagement tool, thanks to the impressive figures it gathered by tracking the result of each game event”
Anna Heim, Author @ THE NEXT WEB
“With the ubiquity, power and reach of Facebook games like Farmville it can be very tempting to use your page as a literal gaming platform”
Gabe Zichermann, Gamification.co
“Qmerce is helping business large and small add social engagement to their communities”
Roi Carthy, Author, TechCrunch
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The Qmerce Social Club can unify all of your brand’s social media activities and content into an engagingly interactive -- and ownable -- experience.
With this dynamic Qmerce tool you can reward the fans and clients who comprise your online community for each of their online brand interactions, be it a "Like" or a comment made on your Facebook Page, a tweet sent into the Twitterverse, shared reviews and opinions or other positive feedback they create, sharing of online pictures and video, interactions with other users.
It all counts now... with your Qmerce Social Club EVERYTHING is a part of the game.

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ENGAGE - Making Your Content Accessible

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Your brand is regularly generating fresh content across many different platforms, be it posts on your Facebook Page, articles on a company blog, YouTube videos, updated information on your website pages, and so on.
With so many venues in play, though, it can be nearly impossible for your most important audience – your fans – to interact and stay in tune with it all.

With Qmerce you can unify the experience for your brand community, ensuring that they always have the full picture while also earning their continuing attention and interest.
And by making everything about your brand that matters available in a single location you will entice your fans to return often, stay longer...and spread the word!

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LOYALTY - Doing Your Part

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Strong and healthy relationships are based on mutual appreciation and a balance of give-and-take, and this is especially true of the relationship that exists between a brand and its adherents.
Thus when a fan of your brand throws a “Like” up on your Facebook Page or shares forward your brand content, you should ask two questions: “How do I show my appreciation?” and “What can I give back in return?”

Qmerce helps you to answer these questions effectively, providing interactive instruments with which you can instantly reward your fans for their loyalty and positive feedback.
And the more you give the more you are sure to get back in the form of increased brand loyalty, trust, and continued engagement with your brand.

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SALES - What Game Mechanics Can Do for You

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Your brand’s Qmerce Social Club provides a setting where your fans can earn points for every interaction they make with your content: every Facebook Page “Like” and comment, every tweet and retweet that includes your designated hashtags, every remark and review they throw up on your QSC channel.

And as your brand’s virtual currency, your fans will redeem their points for prizes, gifts, coupons and discounts, all of which will further encourage them to buy your products and promote them among their friends, thus increasing sales while strengthening your brand perception and positioning.

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